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Keystone Airguns

Cometa Fenix 400 Galaxy

Cometa Fenix 400 Galaxy

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The 400 Galaxy is the all weather, synthetic stock variant of the 400 lineup.  Out of the box these guns put out the perfect amount of spring gun power for use on small game as well as for general plinking.

Safety: Automatic

Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

Sights: Fiber optic front and rear sights. Rear sight adjustable for elevation and windage. Includes an 11mm dovetail for scope mounting.

Stock: Synthetic

Weight: 7.5lbs

Length: 45"

Velocity:  Please note that velocities listed below do not match chronograph numbers in pictures. These numbers are closer to what I expect the gun to settle in at after a tin or two are put through them. Chrono numbers were taken with a brand new gun after some patches were pulled through the barrel and 25 shots were put through them to burn off excess factory lubricant. 

.177: Expect gun to settle around 920fps with an 8.44gr lead pellet (16ftlbs)

.22: Expect gun to settle around 740 fps with a 14.66gr lead pellet (18ftlbs)

.25 Expect gun to settle around 640fps with a 20gr lead pellet (18ftlbs)

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