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Keystone Airguns

Cometa 300 USC Premier

Cometa 300 USC Premier

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The Cometa 300 lineup is yet another great back yard friendly shooter. They are easy to cock and reasonably powered at around 10.5fpe with your standard lead pellets. The USC line loses the iron sights in exchange for a moderator that significantly reduces down range noise, making them even more backyard friendly that the standard 300s. The moderator also allows for a much better grip which comes in very handy with the shorter barrel. These guns shoulder and handle exceptionally well.

Safety: Manual

Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

Sights: Includes an 11mm dovetail for scope mounting

Stock: Walnut

Weight: 6.5lbs

Length: 40"


.177: Up to 850fps with lead pellets 

.22: Up to with 700fps with lead pellets 

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